Bruce Johnston Traffic Lawyer

Professional Experience

Bruce Johnston is a solicitor with 20 years experience in traffic law on the Sunshine Coast who can take you through this process -

  • to identify whether there is a prospect of a defence leading to a trial;
  • to negotiate or accept charges, then prepare and speak for you in Court;
  • to seek the particular sentencing outcome, best suited to your circumstances.

Court Appearances

  • Drink or Drug Driving
  • Work Licences
  • Hardship Licences
  • Unlicensed/Disqualified Driving
  • Related Traffic & Summary Offences

Professional Costs

Bruce Johnston offers experienced Court representation with affordable professional costs. Most Court matters (drink and drug driving guilty pleas, hardship & work licence applications) complete with costs usually ranging from $750 to $1500 incl GST. Not Guilty Pleas, Prospects Advices & Summary Trials by Quotation.