Driver Education Programs


Program Outline

The Centrepoint Program involves remedial preparation specifically designed to suit each client's case. Steps may include attending the Safe Driver Awareness Progam or Tutorial, a Defensive Driving Course or in the case of High Range Drink Driving it may involve completing the alcohol audit test, counselling, or a GP referral. Many resources and facilities are now available through this pro-active program to enable each client to be fully prepared before finalising their matter in Court.

Safe Driver Program

Attending a Safe Driver Program presented by Road Trauma Services, Queensland or viewing the Program DVD, if it is not possible to attend the presentation evening personally, is an essential part of the Program. The Safe Driver Program offers a first hand insight into the causes of road accidents and the impact those accidents have on peoples lives. This presentation is a must see.

Defensive Driving Course

Additionally some clients may also benefit from attending a one day Defensive Driving Course. Selected courses are available on the weekends to avoid clients losing time off work through the week. A defensive driving course particularly benefits clients making hardship licence applications when otherwise facing a demerit point suspension period.